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Published travel articles: 

Emerging Wellness Trends to Watch Out For: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 18-20) (June 2018)

Interview of Mr Vinay Sharda, Vice President, Indo Asia Tours: Travel and Hospitality (May 2018)

Indian Brands Promoting Experiential Travel: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (April 2018)

48 Hours in Varanasi: Indiacurrents (March 2018)

Trends in Business Travel to Watch Out For: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (March 2018)

Innovative Ways to Adopt Technology in One’s Travel Business: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (February 2018)

Weekend Getaway: Bharatpur and Deeg Palace: Alive magazine (January 2018)

Top Business Practices of Big Brands that Every Travel Company Should Adopt: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (January 2018)

Six Indian Destinations that Do Christmas and new Year Right: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 34-35) (December 2017)

Five Cool Franchising Opportunities in the Travel and Tourism Industry: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 32-33) (December 2017)

Top Destinations for Ecotourism in India: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 28-30) (November 2017)

Top Indian Travel Companies Practicing Responsible Tourism: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 36-38) (November 2017)

Top Luxury Golf Courses in Asia: Vanilla Luxury (November 2017)

Top 10 Winter Destinations in India: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-28) (October 2017)

New fads in the destination wedding market to watch out for: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (September 2017)

Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Noida: Never a Dull Moment in Jaypee City!: Tripoto (September 2017)

The Mystic Lake Town: Naukuchiatal: Spice Route (August 2017)

Child-friendly holiday ideas in India: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 24-25) (August 2017)

Golf Tourism in India: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 24-25) (July 2017)

Munjoh Ocean Resort, Havelock Island: Tripoto (June 2017)

Chamba Camp, Thiksey: Tripoto (June 2017)

Wildflower Hall, Chharabra: Tripoto (June 2017)

Doing Goa Differently: Indiacurrents  (June 2017)

Pimalai Resort & Spa: Tripoto (June 2017)

Special needs travel: The new niche in the travel space: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 24-25) (June 2017)

Beat the heat in Binsar: TLF Magazine (June 2017)

River Kwai Resotel Resort, Kanchanaburi: Tripoto (June 2017)

Out of Africa: Kenya: Tripoto (May 2017)

A Summer Guide to Bali: Tripoto (May 2017)

Notes from Germany: Tripoto (May 2017)

Picture postcards from Switzerland: Tripoto (April 2017)

How I made the most of a weekend in Portland!: Tripoto (April 2017)

Kashmir Diaries: A visit to the quintessential ‘jewel in India’s crown’: Firstpost (April 2017)

Micro-stay hotels: The new buzzword in the travel space: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (April 2017)

Things I learnt on my high-altitude trek: Tripoto (March 2017)

Diaries from my Alaskan cruise: Tripoto (March 2017)

Ten less explored destinations in India: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-27) (March 2017)

An Indian traveller’s first-time guide to Brittany: Tripoto (February 2017)

Holiday ideas for long weekends in 2017: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-28) (February 2017)

‘Jumbo!’ Tanzania: Tripoto (February 2017)

Exploring Florida: Tripoto (January 2017)

Civil aviation trends to watch out for in 2017: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 26-28) (January 2017)

Heritage trail in Mussoorie: Woman’s Era (January 2017)

Winter holiday ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 34-35) (December 2016)

Exploring Uttarakhand’s ageless hill stations: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 32-33) (December 2o16)

Trends that will dominate the hospitality industry in the coming year: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 30-31) (December 2016)

Dehradun’s ‘coming of age’: Woman’s Era (December 2016)

Down memory lane in Manali: Indiacurrents (December 2016)

Top 10 trends in global travel marts: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 24-26) (November 2016)

Deciphering Khajuraho: Poetry in Stone: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 30-31) (October 2016)

Namah Nainital Monsoon Mountain Marathon: Whereabouts magazine (pg. 16) (October 2016)

Each day is a Musical on the Buran Ghati trek: Indiahikes (October 2016)

Watercolours: An environmental perspective of Ganesh Chaturthi: Travel Now magazine (September 2016)

Grandeur at its Best: Hotel review: ITC Grand Chola Sheraton: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 28-29) (September 2016)

Women’s Journey Thailand: Whereabouts magazine (pg. 22-24) (September 2016)

Orchha: A hidden jewel in the heart of India: Corporate Outbound (pg. 20-23) (August 2016)

Top travel social media accounts: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 36-37) (August 2016)

The truth about the lives of travel bloggers: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 34) (August 2016)

Top reasons why you should go to Gujarat now!: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 30-31) (August 2016)

‘Voluntourism’: Travel with a cause: Travel and Hospitality (pg. 16-17) (July 2016)

World’s Largest Open Air Art Gallery in India: Shekhawati: Offroads India (April 2016)

Coorg: From “Wandering Lost” to “Wanderlust”: Holidify

The Hills are Alive, in Mashobra: Hill Post (November 2015)

Five Days in Andamans: The Better India (April 2015)

Explore Vrindavan: Weekend Notes (August 2014)

Discovering Ladakh: Wave Journey (July 2014)

Munnar in a Nutshell: The Better India (May 2014)

Pune, The City with an Attitude: The Better India (March 2014)

What’s in a name? Goa’s always great: MeriNews (August 2008)

Malaysia, Truly Asia: BootsnAll

Walking through Paris: BootsnAll

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii: BootsnAll


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