Neha Kirpal

A collection of writings


The Forgotten India: The Tribune (May 2018)

How the India Lost and Found Project is Helping Raise Awareness about India’s Lesser-Known Monuments: Firstpost (April 2018)

People Become the Change: The Tribune (March 2018)

The Akshaya Patra Foundation wins a national award: The Tribune (November 2017)

Museum of Material Memory: Firstpost (November 2017)

When #GirlsTakeover, Nothing Is Impossible To Do!: Women’s Web (October 2017)

Wrote a chapter on the Yamuna Expressway for an Infrastructure book by Newsline Publications Private Limited (May 2017)

Demonetization: The good and the bad: Neutral News (November 2016)

Why are Kashmiris protesting over the killing of a terrorist? And why they are right: Neutral News (July 2016)

Here’s the insightful neutral take on the recent steep fee hike of IITs: Neutral News (April 2016)

Gurgaon to Gurugram – the neutral perspective: Neutral News (April 2016)

Here’s both sides of the alcohol ban argument (in light of what happened in Bihar): Neutral News (April 2016)

The right and wrong about the non-Kashmiri students of NIT Srinagar who went violent recently: Neutral News (April 2016)

Here’s the complete perspective on the President’s Rule imposed in Uttarakhand: Neutral News (April 2016)

Street dentists: A vanishing breed: MeriNews (August 2008)

Child reporters: Change agents of rural Rajasthan: MeriNews (August 2008)

Polio-stricken girl becomes role model: MeriNews (August 2008)

The story of Bhauri Malawat, police constable: MeriNews (August 2008)

The story of health worker, Durga bai: MeriNews (August 2008)

Pehchan Shalas: Giving hope to deprived communities: MeriNews (August 2008)

Making a difference: NSUI’s very own ‘Paathshala’: MeriNews (August 2008)

OWSA to launch Lifelines for Education in Rajasthan: MeriNews (August 2008)

Dancing, Not Studies is a Choice: The Times of India (May 2008)

It’s Back to Business at City Malls: The Times of India (May 2008)

Victorious, But No Halla Bol: The Times of India (May 2008)

Jaipur: Jolted, But Spirit Not Crushed: The Times of India (May 2008)

Family, Shopping for Swimsuits, Blown to Bits: The Times of India (May 2008)

Harish Rawat addresses media

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